Family-raised bottle lambs, wool, and meat

We raise a mixed flock of wool, dairy, and meat sheep that get butchered in the Spring for kosher consumption during Passover. Sheep are selected for temperament and hardiness - needing little care through their entire lifecycle as they act as property lawnmowers when we don't use them for stockdog training.

Our current flock offerings are sired by a Shetland ram with a stellar temperament, to be supplemented by his son, a half-Finnsheep to increase likelihood of multiples in the others. Our meat breed is currently a St Croix/Barbados mix.

We have occasional bottle lambs in the spring and late winter that are family raised and taken on trips all over for socializing as well.

Our wool is available raw from the following breeds: Blacknose Valaise (coarse and long, great for rugs etc), Shetland, and Finnsheep and crosses of the latter. We have not tested the wool.

Stock is extremely limited. If you would like to get on a waitlist for any of this, please let us know.