Stockdog Coaching

I offer limited coaching for those looking to expose their dogs to sheep and goats. I am not a great trialer or trainer, but I do know enough to get you going and make the long drive to the great trialers and trainers worth it.

What will happen when you arrive:

  • I offer intro clinics that test your dog's interest. This interest may not be there at first, second, or fourteenth exposure. I'll be honest about what I think and I don't mind if you never come back.
  • I will take your dog into a smaller pen that's easily controlled and you will see what your dog does. I'll explain what I'm doing and what I'm seeing.
  • When you are ready (it depends on the dog and your fitness) I will get you handling your dog as soon as possible and coach you from the sidelines, helping with exercises for your dog and yourself.
  • I emphasize paying attention to the livestock (stock). Good stock management and care for them will make you and your dog better.
  • I emphasize relationship with your dog - you will likely be given homework to work on while you are gone. I highly recommend this course online. You can even do it well before you set an appointment with me.
  • Advanced trainers may use the facility by making appointments.


  • $10 per dog for stock rental
  • $30 per dog for coaching

I'm not in it for money, but we'll improve the facility and keep the sheeps fed with your contribution. I prefer payment through Venmo.

Sound good?

Great, here's the minimum:

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Let's get those ducks in a row.
  • Dog must be over 6 months of age
  • Dog must have had appropriate shots
  • Dog must be comfortable with handling by strangers
  • Dog must have a reliable sit or down (it will likely fall apart if the dog is keen on the stock, but the foundation should be there)
  • Working livestock is not an inherently all-positive experience. It is not clicker trained or treat trained. Dogs need to be collared during initial exposure and NO HARNESSES to get a hoof caught on or anything else.

Good still? Great, you'll need to fill out this form:

I will send you a waiver to sign, you may not come to the pens without having signed it.

I will send you an appointment scheduler. This is a hobby and not a business and my availability is limited. First come, first served. Days available will change.

Coming to lessons

  • We are on a beautiful, private facility that is shared with a number of groups - dogs MUST be on leash at all times and you must pick up your poop.
  • Dogs must not be allowed to bark when not working.
  • Ensure your dog is secure in your vehicle when not working.
  • Bring your dog with a flat buckle collar and a lead that you are comfortable being dragged on the ground.