About me

Hi there. I like dogs. I like dogs that do their jobs.

I got into dogs as a kid - doing the Best in Show thing, but I really wanted to get the full experience, so I graduated from showing dogs in conformation, to doing obedience and agility, to getting my first stockdog-line Aussie and never looked back.

I'm a generalist and I don't actually like competition so I spend most of my time getting better at what I'm interested in for my own means. I've won some ribbons and awards, but I've gotten a lot of experience out of my service to the breed club at a national level.

I think healthy pursuits, especially if it fosters a deeper relationship with your buddy, are awesome - and that a community of people that build on that are even better. So that's what I'm here doing.

I used to have one of the more popular websites for the Australian Shepherd breed on the Internet, moderated a bunch of forums, and ran the Working Aussie Source for years. I served as a board member, committee member, and I generally always help at trials if I'm at them.

But the pandemic hit and I realized I had other things I wanted to do now that I had a burgeoning career and two little ones. So now I'm doing this. Hi.